“Easy Rule 30” software developed

On October 1, 2019 a well-known American mathematician Stephen Wolfram announced “Wolfram Rule 30 Prizes” science competition.

The competition is devoted to the solution of the so-called “Rule 30” – one of the unsolved math problems from a cellular automaton area.

Cellular automata play an important role in a number of fields such as math, physics, computer algorithms, cryptography, chaos theory, complex systems as well as AI. In addition, the images generated by various rules are widely used in graphic design.

To support all interested entrants as well as anybody interested in math and graphic design, we developed “Easy Rule 30” software.

The application allows to:

  1. Build previews and full images for all rules from 0 to 255.
  2. Select from 4 preset color schemes as well as build images in any color combinations.
  3. Save data and corresponding images for use in other programs (including those  for graphic design).

“Easy Rule 30” will be available for download shortly.