This website represent a quest for solutions for a number of unresolved or acknowledged “not solvable” mathematical problems and mysteries. The solutions to these problems, if ever found, would have a huge impact on a number of fields closely related to mathematics, such as cryptography, data transmission and storage security, computer systems safety not to mention many other fields.

Applying proprietary algorithms and software as well as just ordinary computers we will show on specific examples that some of the problems may substantially progress in finding a solution or, in some cases, even become solved once and for all. In trying to solve these problems the world scientific community in some cases spent many years as well as millions of dollars often without much success.

We will try to minimize the application of any formal mathematics since methods, used by modern mathematics in, for example, recent solutions of Poincaré Conjecture or Fermat’s Last Theorem resulted in hundreds of pages of really crypted text and took many years to check through, though there were hardly even a hundred outstanding mathematicians from around the world who understood them in full.

We would rather follow the American mathematician Noam Elkies’s way who, using computers (quite antiquated by today’s standards) back in 1986, disproved Euler’s Sum of Powers Conjecture that mathematicians held true for over 200 years.

Modern computers and programs in many ways equalize the chances of common people in making new discoveries and finding solution to old problems.

We hope that our website will be developing over time and we will gradually, step by step, be moving from one problem to another. This road will not be fast and easy, but it is important to make the first step.